Don't Shoot Your Dog, LLC provides a variety of services tailored to fit your needs.  

* At Home-  An in-home evaluation of your pets behaviors in their environment and one-on-one time to address your concerns.  Each in-home visit is not limited to time and all of your current concerns will be answered.  This service is $110 for the first dog and $50 for each additional dog.  And although each clients needs are different, it typically only takes 1 visit to correct the undesired behavior of your pet.  

*Additional charges applied if outside the travel radius.

* Phone Consultation-  This  services is provided to those seeking help on issues that need immediate attention, those living outside the travel area or for those that prefer to get guidance on how to handle their situation on their own.  The cost of this service is $25 payable though Pay Pal.

* Classes-  Classes are available at multiple locations to help and your pet.  Call (407) 489-1656 for class times and a location near you.

* Group Parties-  If you and your family and/or friends need some advice in correcting your pets behavior but, you don't have time for the classes or just have specific questions and don't want to do it alone, then the group parties is a great option.  Whether you have 5 dogs or 50 dogs at your party the price is the same, $300.  

*Online Store-  Download instructional videos and step by step written information for those that live far away or who would prefer to "do it yourself".  This offers easy to understand material and real scenarios that walk you through the behavioral training process for an affordable price. 

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